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Unique Spring Trends You Need To Try

Hey girl! I don’t know about you, but I always find spring one of the hardest seasons to dress for. Sometimes it's cold, sometimes it's warm, and you usually end up wearing the same go-to outfit every day. I know I can get stuck in the habit of wearing the same pair of leggings and sweatshirt almost every day sometimes, so I’m here to share 5 UNIQUE spring trends that you can try to find at your local Plato’s Closet to give your spring wardrobe a little refresh and help spice up your outfit combinations!

#1: Sandal Slides

Everyone wears slides for a reason, they are SO comfy! However, my Adidas slides aren’t the cutest when you are trying to put together a nice outfit, so why not find a pair of more formal slides for your closet? I found these adorable suede slides from Plato’s Closet for only $10! They are a perfect addition to my shoe closet for spring and will go well with almost any skirt, dress, jeans, you name it!

#2: Anything Blush Pink

Blush pink is definitely the colour of the moment for spring right now, and I am SO here for it. Whenever I’m shopping and I see something in blush pink, I just can’t help myself. So when I found this blush pink blouse from Plato’s Closet, I couldn’t resist! It's originally from Dynamite and only $7 at Plato’s! I love how I can dress it down with sandals or I could dress the top up with a leather jacket!

#3: Soft Suede

As soon as I felt this shirt on the rack, I just had to get it. It is soooo incredibly soft, you have no idea! I am obsessed with this light brown tan colour, can you tell? When I found the matching slides and the suede top I knew it would make the perfect spring look! Suede is definitely trending this spring and I am so pumped to style this look!

#4: Denim with Detail

Can denim with a little extra detail ever go out of style? I don’t think so! I had to include this pair of denim in this post when I found this pair of jeans from Plato’s Closet. They were originally from Garage, in perfect condition, my size, AND only $22, I hit the jackpot! I love checking Plato’s Closet for denim because you can usually find the same brands that you would buy new at a discounted price! I’m also obsessed with the fit and stripe detail on the side of the jeans, the extra detail is perfect for spring.

I also had to include a denim skirt in this lookbook, because would it really be a spring lookbook without one? I am LOVING denim skirts for spring and you can pair them with literally anything in your closet, I swear! They are the perfect spring staple!

#5: Dainty Hoop Earrings

Have you rocked hoop earrings before? Until a week ago, I hadn’t either, but when I saw dainty hoop earrings all over my Pinterest feed, I just had to try out this trend for spring! Hoop earrings have quickly become my new favourite accessory and I love how it pulls together an outfit and adds so much detail and class! Yes, please!

Thank you for reading my post on spring trends! I hope you are excited to try some of them at your local Plato's Closet!

Taiya Maddison | taiyamaddison.com

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